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With POI MEDIA's products and services, you can collect, analyze and manage spatial data very quickly in any location. POI MEDIA offers different options for collecting this data quickly and accurately and allows you to integrate spatial data with your own geographic information system. POI MEDIA provides end-to-end solutions for data collection, processing, management and hosting; provides visuals to positional data.
02 Aug Facility Management Software
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TESİS YÖNETİM YAZILIMIYENİLİKÇİ WEB TABANLI TESİS YÖNETİM ÇÖZÜMÜPortfolyo YönetimiTesis Yönetim Yazılımı binalarını yönetmek ve bakımlarını yapmak içi..
02 Aug Engineering and Digitization
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POI Media customers can offer all kinds of engineering and digitization services in high quality and fast in cad and gis environment. You can see the ..
02 Aug Indoor Mapping
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With the Indoor Mapping System, we can map your buildings. At the same time, we make panoramic pictures of all areas of your buildings, floor plans an..
02 Aug Software Development
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POI MEDIA offers customized software development services for GIS. You may have different expectations in your business goals. You can aim to provide ..
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3D City ModelAerial or mobile image of your cityAnd by using lidar data, we can create CityGML based 3D city models with high quality and accuracy. In..
02 Aug Mobile Mapping
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With the City360 imaging system, you can create accurate and detailed positional data for your map and GIS applications. The City360 is a unique solut..