3D City Model

  • Aerial or mobile image of your city

    And by using lidar data, we can create CityGML based 3D city models with high quality and accuracy. In this way, while the city can be seen as a whole, it is possible to implement the decisions of city planning quickly and accurately.

    What you can do with 3D city models.

    • Visibility and Silhouette Analysis
    • Shading Analysis
    • Town planning
    • Solar Energy Potential Calculation
    • Natural disaster simulations

    And much more…

Data Processing

    • Many cities now have an urban model, albeit at a simple level of detail (LoD1). With the technology we have, we make the model of your city more detailed with the images taken from the air and mobile systems. Works we do

      • Topological and geometric errors in building geometries.
      • Automatic modeling of building eaves with building base polygons or lines.
      • Production of high detailed (LoD3) models with roof and façade details in building models.
      • Surface covering of buildings


You can publish your 3D city model on the web and integrate it with different systems. You can access the 3D model from any platform including mobile via web based software. You can do attribute inquiry, measurement, planning operations on the model. You can access not only the 3D CityGML model, but also the point cloud, obliq photos and mesh model. You can integrate with 3rd party platforms and import data formats such as shp, dxf or sketchUp into software.


You can now update your 3D City model with the BIM data you have. With the conversion tools we have, we can convert BIM data in IFC standards to CityGML format and place them in their real geographical position within the model.

POI MEDIA provides end-to-end solutions for data collection, processing, management and hosting; provides visuality to positional data.

The 3D City model has evolved from these experiences.