With the Indoor Mapping System, we can map your buildings. At the same time, we make panoramic pictures of all areas of your buildings, floor plans and 3D model of the building within the scope of the same study. Moreover, we can do all this very quickly. With the outputs of the Indoor Mapping System, it will be very easy to follow and manage building inventory, construction planning, restoration, facility management, virtual tour and more processes. You'll even be able to navigate inside the building without any gps, wifi or beacon support. Thanks to the easy-to-use and powerful mapping system, it is no longer a dream to do all of this together.



With the high resolution cameras, sensors and lidar system, it is possible to scan the areas up to 50.000 m2 in 1 day. Similarly, after a fast data processing process, we completely digitize your buildings, campuses and facilities within a few days. Now all your facilities and assets are just a click away.




IndoorViewer is a web-based html5 supported software that provides access to panoramic images and laser point cloud generated by mobile mapping system. IndoorViewer gives you different options for working on the recorded data. You can create inventory, measure area, length and volume and integrate with cad software (ESRI, Autodesk, PCL, Meshlab, etc.).   



The navigation application running on Indoor images uses machine learning and computer imaging algorithms to determine your position and makes more accurate positioning. It does not need extra infrastructure such as wifi and beacon. This saves maintenance costs and eliminates the need to turn on wifi and bluetooth sensors.