POI MEDIA offers customized software development services for GIS. You may have different expectations in your business goals. You can aim to provide services that will add value to your business and your organization to adapt to changing and developing technology and needs. You may have many requests, such as the integration of your own applications with other systems, changes according to your workflow, or special report requirements. In cases where pre-packaged programs are inadequate, your requests and needs, such as your software running smoothly with a secure, fast, high-performance and user-friendly interface, lead you to receive custom software development services.

POI MEDIA offers different solutions for your specific software development. We provide the best and most accurate service for your mobile and web environment location and map supported software needs.


Developable; It provides easy development for your special needs.
Independent Platform; Work on different platforms such as PC, MAC, Tablet and Mobile.
High performance; Delightful presentation to your users with security, speed and custom interface.
Integration; Compatible with other systems you may need.


  • Optionally layers can be increased
  • New layers can be added in the form of points, areas, polygons
  • As in GIS applications; add, query, cross-query and column analysis can be done